Tuesday, June 28, 2016, 12:52 PM

1. Skydive
2. Kiss the girl I'm in love with inside a boat like Ariel in Little mermaid
3. Go skinny dipping
4. Make love on a forest floor
5. Write a fan letter to my all-time favorite actor/actress/star
6. Write a novel
7. Drink beer at Oktoberfest
8. Shower in a waterfall.
9. Teach someone illiterate to read.
10. Ask someone I've only just met to go on a date.
11. Sleep under the stars.
12. Spend Christmas on the beach drinking pina coladas.
13. Buy my own house and then spend time making it into exactly what I want.
14. Go up in a hot-air balloon.
15. Go deep sea fishing and eat my catch.
16. Run to the top of the Statue of Liberty.
17. Learn to bartend.
18. Backpack in Southeast Asia
19. Learn and perfect a martial art
20. Read 250 books
21. Bungee jump
22. Write and direct a full-length film with complete artistic freedom
23. See a favorite band/artist in concert
24. Marry
25. Host an outdoor barbeque
26. Join a marathon
27. Visit all baroque churches in the Philippines and take pictures
28. Go kayaking.
29. Learn Spanish
30. Work abroad


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Sunday, December 28, 2014, 9:09 PM

2014 is the most productive year in history for Chingy

It is filled with pictures since i got my new china phone. 

And so let the pictures speak once again.


I love this shot simply because there is light. They say you see the light or you go to the light when your life ends.

I just cant stop feeling pain tonight. I wanted to cry and cry and cry but there is no one to hear. Just me and my blog again.

Why didn't i end it?

I guess i wasn't afraid back then but i cared for what is left.

It feels depressing coz i can't end something that i already survived.

So im just waiting and waiting until it happens.

A buried tyre. I guess it says so much about my life as it always has. When you can no longer keep going you can just bury yourself anyway. But not in a junkyard. Let it be with the earth. So much like dying right. I am human after all but when i die.. i prefer to be scattered in the sea or scattered with the soil and leaves. I do not want a grave. I don't need it. 

Picket fences :) They say only the rich have it. Never really seen one this nice and white so I took a pic. It is nice. It speaks of protection in a breezy woodlands kind of way. See the flowers and the shrubs yeah? I love this picture. 

And the  panda which brings peace. I only took the shot coz it reminded me of her.

Trying to be minimalist :) It says so much about our emotions which comes off and turns on a lot of times. Coz we simply have triggers to happiness and to pain.

My suicidal shot. The rope and the edge. If only the koi fishes eat humans.

And the yellow umbrella which makes me happy :) It speaks of protection from the rain and from the sun.

Shell Eco marathon.

Boi I learned a lot. I love the experience.

Here are my best shots.

Title: Sabit

I was so tired and i went out for a walk and i saw the kite in the tree.

This is the helmet of team ETA's driver.

Dawn shot. 

I love the blue ......

And then comes valentines day!

This is the second time i went to UP to watch their concerts. I think i will keep doing this hahaha :) 

I made up my mind and i said I'm not giving up. I meant it. 

My first time to try wall climbing. It was nice but I wanna go faster.

I started the 100 happy days challenge.

Discovered that simple things can make me happy.

True friendship and people touching my life makes me happy as well. 

I started using Instagram and got awesome photos out of it.

There are so many photos i took with Instagram and I still dont have the time to post all of them here. 

I climb 3 mountains

Mt. Talamitam

My first mountain where i burned my arms. 

Got left behind too hahaha.

Mt. Batulao

My most dangerous mountain. It was raining and i never thought i would make it.

It rained and we were in the mountains. This is the most fun climb.

Burned my neck.

Tarak Ridge

This is the survival climb. Im thankful for the group that helped me. 

Sooo cold in the mountains but sooo beautiful.

I wanna keep climbing.

I went church hopping again as always and went to 2 churches

Paete Church

I love baroque and i look forward to go visit more churches in the Philippines.

I'm really getting used to be alone and it is fine.

I shall keep saying my prayers :) 

Taal Basilica

We became champions and I'm happy. This is all i wanted for the yellow team.

My award for most defensive player. 

This is is the best game :) We are champions

I also cut my hair short this year. 

It feels fine :) 

I went to fete dela musique and saw barbie up close :)

Another concert by myself. 

Sooo tiring but seeing barbie is good enough price to pay. 

My hordeulums

I don't understand why I got three this year. 

I shall take care of myself more. 

My pain and lowest point

My granny got sick and I started questioning life and why death has to happen.

I love my granny so much but life goes on and I know one day I have to let her go. 

Life is so short. And the pain will always be there. 

Roof deck shot where i asked too many questions to God. 

Taking the arm of the monkey for a walk. 

The drama of coming home. 

Found a dead cat in a dust pan on my way home as i was in so much pain. 

I don't understand why someone I love so much can ignore my pain and make me feel unwanted all the time. 

 I will always remember the pain and because of this I don't feel like loving anymore.

I'm kinda ending the year feeling numb and wanting to just be alone with my pain. 

I want to be free.

It happens when the people who you are supposed to look up to show themselves as nothing.

And the pain of wanting to be with someone and choosing to be with them yet never getting the chance at all. 

My loss

I will always remember this loss as well.

Time did not survive a friendship especially if it is not built with trust and honesty. 

All is lost and every time I am hurt i will always remember the trash that I am all because I was not understood.

How can a friend not believe in you?

How can a friend keep things from you?

How can a friend made you feel like a stranger?

How can a friend hurt you so much by not knowing why you even cared?

How can a friend treat you like trash?

Friendship down the drain. 

I'm very hurt.

I loss a lot.

I'm about to lose my granny. 

I loss a friend.

My heart is broken.

My hope died.

And I just write to feel better. 

I went as far as Bulacan just to see if advocacy here in my country is real.

I think it is but you can't help but feel doubtful.

All I can do to help really is to donate and take pictures of the cats and the dogs.

I still wish I can be rich enough to adopt stray cats. 

Look at this cat's eyes. Sooo beautiful.

Look at the loneliness.

Title: Belat. I love this shot 

Puppy eyes soooo cute :) 

Title: Smile 

Also went to La mesa eco park. I shall return. This is a nice park.

Before coming here i learned that taking a walk helps. 

Makes me feel a lot better. 

I also went to Pahiyas festival by myself and it was a nice experience.

I like the banig wallet and pouch that I bought for a low cost.

This pic made me laugh hehehehe 

I love this shot as I was on my way home :)

Sooo here are my picks :)

And what remains

I also joined the company community service 


I also got my new bike and cellphone.

The bike is taking me places and a whole lot adventure awaits me.

I got the splitter :)


God is good :)

Angel's wings 

Heart :)

My museum visit and bee farm seminar

This shot hunts me. 

My very first motorbike ride
Soooo fun and daring :) 

And the year is simply filled with ....

My selfies

This is the best year ender picture. I don't think i can come up with more. 

My goals achieved for year 2014

Hurray ! I did not eat jollibee for the entire year :)
Finished the bible too :)
I finally cried beside someone.
Ignored my ex hahaha
Went boxing :) I dont have the pics yet.

2014 is supposed to be a happy year since i did so much but at the end of the day...something will always be missing and it is love.

I can do a whole bunch of stuff but if there is no one to share life with...
It will still suck.

I have no hopes for 2015 because I wanna slow down if i can.
I just wanna mourn because I'm staying away from love again.
Who knows I might just die.
I'm sorry I'm a zombie.


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